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A presentation deployment solution

PageBox is a mean enabling the hot deployment and update of presentations in Application Servers.
A PageBoxed Application Server (PAS) behaves as a browser, it downloads a presentation from a repository just like a browser downloads an applet and like a browser a PAS runs the presentation in a Java 2 sandbox with rights based on the presentation signature.

PageBoxes can run in standalone mode with an HTTP administration or in constellation of unlimited size that can spread world-wide. In the latter case, Pageboxes are combined with repositories. A PageBox can subscribe to one or many repositories. When an author publishes a Web Archive to a repository, the repository automatically deploy the Web Archive on subscribing PageBoxes.

The size of a constellation is illimited because it is only a logical and security entity. Provided it is authorized, everyone can add PageBoxes or repositories to a constellation.

We developed a PageBox Open Source implementation under GNU Lesser General Public License named JSPservlet.
You can download it on this site. It is available in different versions:

  1. For J2EE application servers. You can download compiled version for Tomcat and Resin.
  2. For OSGi embedded servers. This version exists in two flavors normal and diskless. You can download a version compiled for Sun JES2.

We also developed:

  • A comprehensive repository tool, Publisher.
  • A requestor location dependent routing. A mapper component finds the location of a requestor based on its IP address.
  • A support for Publishing frameworks. JSPservlet has been tested with Cocoon and SOAP. It means you can write PageBox presentations in XML/XSL to access UDDI services.

PageBoxes are designed to be replicated and distributed as close as possible to the users of the presentations that they host. They provide the following benefits:

  1. The central system no longer host presentation. It needs less resources.
  2. You can host PageBoxes on user sites and/or cheap ASPs. As PageBoxes are highly redundant, you don't need anymore expensive fault-tolerant mechanisms.
  3. Traffic between PageBoxes and central system uses client/server protocol and requires less bandwidth than HTML.
  4. The presentation being closer to the user,
    1. The response time is enhanced.
    2. You no longer need to deploy browser hosted scripts that replicate presentation checks and can compromize the client security.

PageBox is also hosted on SourceForge. SourceForge Logo

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